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Stoneburiers are desinged to create a topsoil for growing lawns or a small crop through the supplanting of stones below the soil.


The reverse rotation rotor sifts stones to the bottom layer of the soil, the mesh roller then levels the surface to create an ideal bed for crop planting.



Stone Burier

  • Overall Width 1.05m 1.25m 1.45m 1.65m
    Tilling Width 0.95m 1.15m 1.35m 1.55m
    Weight 330Kg 355Kg 380Kg 405Kg

    Till Depth


    120 120 120 120
    Blade Count 20 24 28 32

    PTO Speed


    540 540 540 540
    HP 16-30 20-40 40-50 40-75




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