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Detailed description

RP-200 PROFESSIONAL  is designed for cutting branches up to a diameter of  6"/16cm. The Branchlogger may be fitted with a flywheel/pulley and expandable belt conveyor, thanks to which the branchlogger operation becomes more effective and much more comfortable.


The Branchlogger drive is transmitted by power transmission shaft from tractor’s PTO (right-hand rotation) We recommend using power transmission shafts fitted with a with shear pin coupling (available in our offer), the pin shears to protect the tractor drive shaft from, lodgements, strong knots or miscalcation of diameter.


Blades of cutting mechanism are made of HARDOX abrasion resistant steel guaranteeing long and effective operation of the machine.


Flywheels are availiable to be fitted or purchased later on. Flywheel's are used to balance power out-put and give even greater momentum, protection to both machine and tractor. 



Remet RP200 Branchlogger with conveyor

  • Horsepower 


    Number of cutters


    PTO Speed

    540 RPM Recommended

    PTO Rotation


     Cutting Diameter 

    6"/16cm Softwood  4"/11cm Hardwood

    Length of cutting of Logs

    6 blades 18-30 cm



    18 m3/h

    The internal

    width of the



    300 mm

    Manufacturing of


    HARDOX steel type 500

    Thickness of cutters

    15 mm

    Diameter of gears 

    340 mm

    Hopper (dimensions)

    620/380 mm


    Three-point suspension system

    Trailer attachment: towing power

    1000 kg


    460 kg

    PTO Shaft

    Shearpin T8 PTO Shaft

    Emergency switch

    Can be connected to the emergency stop module of the PTO drive in the tractor

    Shaft for the



    VAT                                 Included in all Pricing                                             


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