Remet RT-720R

  • Minimum/recommended power

    55 / 80 km

    Number of cutters on the cutting disk

    4 +1 counter-edge / counter

    Recommended PTO drive speed

    540-1000 rpm

    Oil flow required

    60 l/min

    Direction of rotation of the WOM roller


    Max. cutting diameter of branches

    dry hard wood 120 mm
    fresh hard wood 150 mm
    fresh soft wood 170 mm

    Maximum efficiency

    12 m3/h

    Cutting disk diameter

    720 mm

    Weight of cutting disc

    85 kg

    Manufacturing of cutters

    HARDOX steel type 500

    Angle of rotation of the outlet pipe


    Chipper attachment system

    Three-point suspension system

    Height of the ejection tube

    210 cm


    450 kg