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Remet RT-630



RT-630 Wood-chipper is designed for shredding branches, trunks with a diameter of up to 4 inch, and other wooden material. The thickness of the chips may be adjusted by means of four replaceable blades (made of HARDOX 500 steel), by adjusting their position against counter-blade. Blades are fixed to cutting disk with a diameter of 630 mm, which due to its weight serves as a flywheel. PTO provided is shear pin to protect drive system.    


-Models above are applicable for TAMS 3 grant. 



Remet RT-630

  • Horsepower 

     45 HP

    Number of cutters on the cutting disk

    4 +1 counter-edge / counter

    Recommended PTO drive speed

    540-1000 rpm

    Direction of rotation of the WOM roller


    Max. cutting diameter of branches

    Up to 100mm

    Size of chips

    20-50 mm

    Maximum efficiency

    6 m3/h

    Cutting disk diameter

    620 mm

    Manufacturing of cutters

    HARDOX steel type 500

    Thickness of cutters

    10 mm

    Angle of rotation of the outlet pipe


    Hopper (dimensions)

    480/480 mm

    Chipper attachment system

    Three-point suspension system

    Trailer attachment: towing power

    1000 kg

    Height of the ejection tube

    160 cm

    Dimensions of the chipper with folded hopper long (LxWxH)

    85/85/150 cm


    200 kg

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