All Marolin hedgecutters provided by Clontrac offer a choice of 4 heads:

-Flail head

-2 disc MSC head

-Fingerbar head

-3 disc saw head

Hedgecutters come as standard with cable control but Clontrac also offers optional electric proportional control.


The Trimmy Evo features:

  • 360° Rotation
  • Cable controls
  • Connection by 3 points
  • Kit fast connection to the tractor
  • Kit super rotation cutter-bar
  • Mechanical security
  • Safety mechanical lock for transport on the road
  • Special top link connection for tractors with only one top link position
  • Stabilizers
  • Is completely independent from the tractor (TRIMMY EVO)
  • Cutting-Head: Cutter-bar for hedges (max 3 cm)

Marolin Trimmy Evo

  • A 350cm
    B 450cm
    C 300cm
    D 300cm
    E 320cm
    F 50cm