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Fingerbar Hedgecutter with a forward reach option.This option comes with an added ram, which can extend the reach of the head by 4Ft (1.2m). Allowing you extra reach where needed. Ideal for compact tractors with a minimum of 18 horsepower.


It has a self contained hydraulic system and so will require no spool valves or hydraulic pipes only a 540 rpm PTO. An ideal unit for maintaining garden hedges and light undergrowth of up to half an inch.


 A right hand side cutter, it has a17Ft (5.2m) reach and will top a hedge at 12Ft(3.6m). Features a cable operated control system.


Cable Operated System.

Forward Reach Fingerbar Hedgecutter

  • Reach 17 Feet
    Minimum HP 18HP
    PTO Speed 540RPM
    Oil Reserve 30L
    Working Blade Width 1.6
    Number Of Blades  21
    Fingers  11
    VAT          Included in all Pricing 


  • A 280cm
    B 550cm
    C 480cm
    D 370cm


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