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This Compact Flail Hedgecutter is suitable for tractors from 15 to 50hp.It has a dual pto driven hydraulic pump so there is no slowing of cutting head while operating the boom.


This unit comes with a 100cm flail head, however, a fingerbar can be added.Flailhead will cut a diameter of 25-37mm or 1"-1.5". Cutting diameter all depends on materials being cut such as soft or hard wood hedging.


A great machine for cutting and trimming the sides of hedges and under wires, this cutter will top a hedge at max 6.6ft but will cut the sides up to 11ft.


The benefit of it's narrow cutting allows it to cut in tight spaces between hedges and fences

Compact Flail Hedgecutter

  • Number of flails 40
    Oil reserve 50L
    PTO rpm 540
    Minimum Horsepower 15-50 hp
    Tractor minimum weight 500kg
    Cut depth 100cm
    Weight of machine 300kg


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