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Clontrac 20 Ton Wood Processor can cut up to 18" logs, and has built in four way, 20 ton log-splitter, and conveyor to feed and split wood into a trailer or any storage receptacle. 


The Wood Processor is available in both PTO and Petrol varients. Attachable Log Lift is availiable seperately.    



Petrol variant comes with standard 50mm towing hitch, and 10" steel wheels. PTO varient comes with stand and linkage which can be modified to suit all tractors if requested. 


Demo model in daily use processing timber in our yard, Customers welcome to try machine for themselves before buying.

Clontrac 20 Ton Wood Processors

  • Varients PTO Petrol Engine
    Horsepower 20-40HP 15HP
    PTO 540RPM N/A
    Blade  20" Saw  20"Saw 
    Branch Diameter 18"/50cm 18"/50cm
    Log Splitter  20 Ton 20 Ton
    Weight 550KG 550KG
    VAT Included Included




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