The Clontrac drum mower is robust , but light frame for use on compact tractors.


The drum PTO extends and manually side-shifts to cut the silage away from the working tractor. It uses two discs to operate. The lower disc, which rotates freely, prevents the cutting disc from sinking into the soils so can be used on flat ground and uneven terrain. There are four blades on each disk and they cut a swathe of silage., ready to be raked, then baled.


This machine can be used in all weathers, but it is recommended to cut when dry. This machine is powered by a system of PTO's which are included with the machine.  


(Shown on a Solis 26 with Agri Tyres)

Clontrac Drum Mowers


    • Light weight construction
    • Four blades to each disk (8 in total)
    • Completely side-shifted to avoid main work body
    • Designed to work uneven ground 1
    • 5-60 Horsepower (15-40HP 1.00m) (30-60HP 1.35m)