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Clontrac now offers the Captain 263 HST Hydrostatic tractor. With 25 horsepower.


The 263 HST has a max rear lift capacity of 750KG (600KG Lift weight reccomended for safer operations), and a 250KG front lift capacity when equipped with loader. Comes with a swift 20kph Hydrostatic Transmission.


The Captain 263 HST is perfect for Landscaping (Particuarly domestic hedgecutting) and small holding tasks, along with agricultural tasks such as scraping.




(Captain 263 HST is shown with Mid Mowerand Ind Tyre which is  not included in the starting price)  


Please Note: Wider tyre options such as Turf and Industrial  are €400 extra.


For more information please click for BROCHURE

Captain 263 HST

  • Engine Mitsubishi Three Cylinder Engine
    Lift Capcity  750KG
    Hitch CAT I
    4WD YES
    PTO Speed 540 -1000RPM
    Transmisson Hydrostatic 9x3
    Clutch Hydrostatic
    Horsepower 25
    VAT Incl


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