The wood chipper comes fitted with P.T.O. A shear pin has also been built into one side of the P.T.O., which as a predetermined breaking point in the event of blockages or overloading meaning that larger tractors with more than 100 HP can be used with no problem. A minimum of 30HP is required to drive this wood chipper and a P.T.O. speed of 540 rpm.

 A maximum diameter of 7.5 cm of hardwood can be shredded. Softer woods with a width up to 10 cm can be shredded, although such diameters are usually processed to firewood and not chipped.

Material will need to fit through a 4inch by 8 inch throat, bushier material may need to be trimmed back.

This chipper is a solid machine with material strength of the sheet metal of 10 and 5 mm in the weight-bearing area and at  the non-weight-bearing parts it is 2 mm. The chipper has 2 shock absorbers and can be folded upward with ease for transport secured using a split pin.

The chipper has been constructed such as to easily allow maintenance; the flywheel cover can be opened completely by unscrewing one screw, allowing access to the 4 cutting blades. These cutting blades are double-sided, and can be turned around if necessary. The flywheel has a net-weight of 50 kg and has fitted wings, which produces the incredibly powerful suction which ultimately expels the chippings out of the chute.

The chute is 152cm in height (in addition to the height of the lower link) and has a 360 angle of rotation allowing easy direction of the chippings into a tractor trailer or bag. The ejection angle can also be modified. The chipper can propel the chippings up to 6 m.

We have a demo machine in stock, customers are welcome to bring a trailer load of their own material and test it out in the demo machine. (Please always phone before travelling to ensure someone is available to meet you.)

4 inch Wood Chipper

  • Tractor power min. 15 HP
    Number of blades 4 blades, 1 counter blade
    Flywheel diameter 63,5 cm
    Feed Gravity
    Dimensions 102x107x152 cm (hopper 220 cm)
    Weight approx. 290 kg