This chipper is easy to work with thanks to its dual toothed hydraulically driven feed rollers, removing the need to manually push material through the machine. The speed of the feed rollers can be adjusted to suit the type of wood in question, with harder material requiring a slower speed. There is a safety stop on the feed rollers aswell as neutral and reverse roller positions.


 A maximum diameter of 10 cm of hardwood can be shredded. Softer woods with a width up to 15cm can be shredded, although such diameters are usually processed to firewood and not chipped.


This chipper comes with a PTO shaft included and also a 12 month warranty so this machine will give you no trouble.


We have a demo machine in stock, customers are welcome to bring a trailer load of their own material and test it out in the demo machine. (Please always phone before travelling to ensure someone is available to meet you.

6 inch Wood Chipper

  • Drive System PTO Driven(self contained hydraulic)
    Tractor Horsepower 40 HP
    Max Chipping Diameter 6 inches/ 15.25cm
    Feeding Hydraulic adjustable speed
    PTO Speed 540 rpm
    Weight  340kg
    Number of Blades         6