This verge mower is suitable for cutting grass, rushes, scrub and furs and thanks to the low body of the mower, is also suitable to cut under electric fence wires. Accessibility is no limit as this mower sideshifts  to work on the right hand side of the tractor and can be pushed in and out to avoid fence posts. Furthemore, this mower lifts to 90 degrees vertical for cutting the sides of hedges and tilts through 60 degrees for cutting of dykes and drains.


This is a good strong machine and weighs in at 755kg. It comes fitted with NSK bearings and features a rear door as standard. A PTO shaft and 12 month warranty are also included in the price. 



Verge Mower

    • Prices Include VAT 
    • Robust design for cutting into thick brush, reeds and scrub