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This Finger Bar Hedgecutter is ideal for compact tractors with a minimum of 18 horsepower. It has a self contained hydraulic system and so will require no spool valves or hydraulic pipes only a 540 rpm PTO. An ideal unit for maintaining garden hedges and light undergrowth of up to half an inch. Has dual pump system. 


A right hand side cutter, it has a reach of 17Ft(5.2m) reach, and will top a hedge at 12Ft (3.6m). 


Features a cable operated control system.

17ft Finger Bar Hedgecutter

  • Reach 17 Feet
    Minimum Horsepower 18 HP
    PTO speed 540 RPM
    Oil Reserve 30 L
    Working width 1.6M
    Number of blades 21
    Number of sections 11
    VAT             Included in all Pricing 


  • A 265cm
    B 490cm
    C 460cm
    D 370cm


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