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This 23Ft Fingerbar hedgecutter comes with: stabilizers , 1.8m long head, and will cut 12mm or half inch of material. Designed to mount on the back of a 30HP + tractor with 1 and a Half tonne in weight . Runs off of a dual pump independent hydraulic system. Machine is cable controlled. Reach is 23ft, and topping height is 12ft 6" .

23ft Fingerbar Hedgecutter


    Minimum Horsepower 30HP                              
    Working Blade Width 1.8m
    Reach 23 Feet 
    Number of Blades  25
    Number of Sections 13
    VAT Included in all Pricing


  • A 265cm
    B 520cm
    C 490cm
    D 330cm


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